We Welcome You To The Big Easy


  To preserve the legacy of the African American Buffalo Soldiers, of the 9th and 10th Calvary, during the Civil War.  

To represent the Buffalo Soldiers  of the horse brigade men, and the only known female; Cathey Williams, our sisters, and brothers ride the "iron horse" .

To honor our Buffalo Soldiers who served, we wear our colors with pride, and dignity on every ride.

To provide support to charitable, and civic organizations, and to be a positive role model for the youth of our community.

To educate the general public, and keep alive the history of the Buffalo Soldiers in our community. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      New Orleans, Chapter President                                                                                          Jerome "Roamy"  Young


One Club, One Patch, One Mindset 

PO BOX 872368, New Orleans, LA 70187-2368



​​​​About BUFFALO SOLDIERS of New Orleans

We are not 1%'s.  We do not claim any territory.  We're a "riding club", and charitable organization.  The New Orleans, Buffalo Soldiers Motorcycle Club was founded in January of 2005, after the probationary period under the BSMC, Shreveport Chapter, in 2003.
There are 3 original members to this day; Founders, President - Jerome "Roamy" Young,  Secretary - Patricia "Precious" Wheeler, and Co-Founder, Sergeant At Arms - Sylvester "Day Long" Johnson.  Standing strong for 13 years, currently with  9 full members, 5 associate members, and our very first Junior Buffalo, "Baby D".  (1 Non-Active member, Co-Founder - Joseph Carrier)